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  2. One way the District helps to preserve water quality in its distribution system is to periodically flush water from fire hydrants and dead-end water mains. Reasons for performing this maintenance procedure include:

    • To remove silt or sediment that may settle in the water main.

    • To prolong the effectiveness of disinfectants in the water.

    • To remove stale water that may accumulate at piping dead-ends.

    • To prevent or remove biofilms - a thin layer of bacteriological material that may adhere to the inside of pipes - that can cause taste and odor problems

    • Maintain the hydraulic capacity of the pipeline.

    While it may appear that water is being wasted during flushing operations, it is an important and necessary activity to preserve the quality and safety of your water. In fact, all the water discharged for the entire annual flushing program equates to 1/20th of system-wide water consumption for one day on the hottest day of the summer.

    During, and for a short period following flushing operations, you may notice a temporary discoloration of your water. A brief waiting period, combined with running your cold water faucets will assist in returning the water to its normal-clear condition.

     If you should have any questions regarding the operations, please contact Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at (303) 979-2333.