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  2. Littleton City Council has proposed a 20% increase in 2008 sewer service charges for Platte Canyon customers.  Council also proposed no increase in rates for sewer customers residing within Littleton City boundaries.  The additional cost to Platte Canyon customers will be $30.01 per year.
    The Platte Canyon Board of Directors has protested the rate proposal due to the inequitable and unfair burden placed on District customers.  The Board has recommended adoption of a Littleton City staff proposal calling for a uniform 4% increase in rates to ALL users both inside City limits and within the District.  The Board has also requested that the City conduct an immediate professional, unbiased cost of service rate study to guide future rate setting.  Without such a study to establish uniform guidelines District customers may be subjected to future inequitable burdens imposed by Littleton City Council.
    The Platte Canyon Board encourages its customers to contact Littleton Council members to demand an equitable distribution of rate increases as proposed by City staff.  Further, Council members should be asked to authorize a comprehensive sewer rate and tap fee study in cooperation with outside-City connector districts including Platte Canyon.  Council will conduct a public hearing on the rate proposal at 7:00 p.m. April 15, 2008 at the Littleton Center 2255 W. Berry Ave.  Platte Canyon customers are encouraged to attend.
    Littleton City Council Members
    Doug Clark          
    Tom Mulvey        
    James Taylor      
    Debbie Brinkman
    John Ostermiller  
    Peggy Cole         
    Joseph Trujillo    
    Additional contact information is listed on the City of Littleton web site
    For further information pertaining to Littleton’s rate increase proposal call Platte Canyon at 303-979-2333.