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  2. Platte Canyon in cooperation with Arapahoe Acres Nursery, Denver Water, and Ken Caryl Ranch and Lakehurst Water and Sanitation Districts, is once again pleased to sponsor a water efficiency seminar to inform District customers how to utilize efficient water and irrigation practices and how to receive monetary compensation by doing it. The instructional seminar had grown in popularity with the advent of water resource limitations and higher water rates.

    This spring’s seminar is Irrigation System and Watering Basics. This class will be presented by Larry Horgan of Garden Builders, Inc. Mr. Horgan holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He has been a consultant to Denver Water’s Conservation Department for 15 years.

    Seminar Schedule

    •      Irrigation System and Watering Basics
                Date: Saturday, April 26, 2008
                Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
                Location: Arapahoe Acres Nursery [location map and directions]
                9010 S. Santa Fe Dr.
                Littleton, CO 80125
                Cost: Free, reservation required

    This seminar presentation review the basic irrigation system components, from backflow preventers to heads and nozzles, and basic trouble shooting. Most importantly, water management will be discussed relative to plant health, soils, and ‘ET’.

    It will address the questions; When should we start watering in spring? How much water should we apply? Can we manually drain our system? what about winter water? Is drip the answer? Will the new ‘ET’ controllers(clocks) solve seasonal water management?

    Although technology is rapidly being injected into everyday irrigation system operation, we must still rely on common sense to control our water use by stopping regularly to 'Smell the Roses'.

    Join us for a stimulating talk about the joys and frustrations of irrigation systems!

    To make a reservation to reserve your spot in this free class, or if you have questions, please contact Alyssa Quinn at (303) 979-2333.