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  2. On June 2nd Platte Canyon implemented its mobile solution program which allows operations staff to remotely access the District’s Infrastructure Management software from their vehicles in the field by utilizing portable Panasonic rugged laptops with Sprint aircards that are mounted in all District vehicles. The software allows operations staff to access locate ticket management software, GIS software, e-mails, easement information, and various maps from anywhere with the District.

    Some of the benefits of going mobile include: locating customer service calls quickly, determine affected facilities (i.e. fire hydrants, water mains, sewer mains, etc.) quickly and accurately, having the history of affected facilities at a mouse click, being able to schedule corrective maintenance from the field, and receiving workorders electronically.

    Previously these duties required the operations staff to either return to the office to receive the necessary information (i.e. maps, locations of facilities, and printed workorders) or call office staff to assist in relaying the information. Upon implementation of the mobile solution all District functions have become more efficient by eliminating office staff’s time and return visits to the office by the operations staff. It has also resulted in an additional benefit in assisting the District to become more “green” in its operations by eliminating the need to print paper workorders and records as well as reducing the number of miles operations staff drive which ultimately results in reducing overall gas usage on a daily basis.

    If you have any questions concerning the District’s mobile solution program, please contact Scott Morse at 303-979-2333.