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  1. 11/25/2005 Littleton Raises Sewer Rates and Tap Fees
  2. Littleton City Council recently voted to increase sewer rates and connection charges for 2006 for all sewer customers. Rates for Platte Canyon customers will increase 10 percent from $128.70 to $141.57 per year for a single family residence. Littleton residents will see a larger increase of 11.1 percent as their rates move from $165.71 to $184.13 per year. See chart at left for the complete rate and tap fee schedule.
    Littleton residents are billed at a higher rate than Platte Canyon customers because the City includes the charges necessary to operate and maintain the City’s sewer collection system pipes. For several years the Platte Canyon Board of Directors has encouraged Littleton City Council to raise inside City rates to the level necessary to fully pay for services provided to their residents. Ken Bradford, Platte Canyon Treasurer, stated that he was pleased to see the District’s concerns are being addressed. “Sewer service charges for all customers are approaching levels representative of the full cost of services provided”, stated Mr. Bradford. Further, “while no one likes to see utility charge increases, Littleton sewer rates have traditionally been among the lowest in the state, and treatment plant administrators have implemented many efficiency measures to contain costs. Based on the District’s evaluation of the rate increase proposal, the adjustment in service charges is justified and necessary.”
    Amy Conklin, Littleton City Councilwoman, listed three reasons for the sewer rate increase.
    1. The City can no longer raid the expansion fund to subsidize treatment costs as it has for about the last 15 years.
    2. The Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant infrastructure is aging and is more expensive to maintain than when it was new.
    3. The City has to meet unfunded state and federal mandates to make the effluent cleaner, and meet more stringent water quality standards.
    One of the main factors causing the sewer rate increase is the current $114 million rehabilitation and expansion of the Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant, 49 percent ($55.7 million) of which is for infrastructure modernization and regulatory compliance which benefits all current plant customers. Additional information pertaining to the treatment plant expansion can be found on the internet at www.englewoodgov.or/home/index.asp page=701 page=701
    Littleton representatives caution that additional rate increases will likely be necessary due to inflationary pressure and, implementation of more stringent state and federal water quality regulations.
    Platte Canyon customers can expect to receive their 2006 sewer utility bill the second week of June.
    Sanitary Sewer Service Rates and Fees

    Type of Use     2005   2006 

    Single Family Residence   $128.70  $141.57 

    Multi-Family Residence   $109.40  $120.33 

    Commercial (1,000 gallons)       $1.40    $1.54


    Tap Fees 

    Single Family Residential   $1,350   $1,610 

    Other (based on water tap size)  $1,350  $1,610

    *per ¾-inch equivalent water tap