District News Articles

  2. Sanitary sewer service bills scheduled to be mailed to Platte Canyon residents on June 15, 2009 will reflect a six percent increase over 2008 charges.  Annual charges for a single family homeowner in Platte Canyon will be $190.87, a $10.80 increase from the 2008 rate of $180.07.  Service charges for multi-family customers will rise $9.18 from $153.06 in 2008 to $162.24 this year.  The increase is needed to pay for increased sewer treatment plant operation and maintenance costs as well as debt service expenditures.  The six percent increase will be assessed to all users of the Littleton-Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant including residents of Littleton as well as residents served by connector districts such as Platte Canyon.
    In 2008, Littleton imposed a 20 percent increase on connector district residents while holding Littleton rates the same as the previous year.  Connector district boards and citizens vehemently objected to the differential claiming it was discriminatory and unjustified.  The Platte Canyon Board of Directors recognizes and supports the need to raise sewer rates to fund legitimate and necessary operating, capital maintenance and debt service costs, but continues to assert such increases be assessed in a fair and equitable manner and be based on the actual cost of providing service to each customer category.
    It is quite likely that sewer service charges will continue to rise over the next few years as tap fee revenues and interest on invested reserve funds decrease.  In addition, Littleton will be confronted with a multi-million dollar expenditure to meet more stringent water quality regulations in the next few years.  Connector districts will continue to seek to ensure that future rate increases are imposed on a non-discriminatory basis and be assessed on a cost of service basis.