District News Articles

  2. Platte Canyon will be conducting two major water construction projects set to begin in July.  On May 28th the Board of Directors awarded the construction contracts for these projects to Levi Contractors.  Price for these projects is expected to cost $158,560.00
    The projects are:
    South Pierce Ct. Water Main Replacement
    325 feet of 4-inch cast iron pipe will be replaced in the S. Pierce Ct. cul-de-sac south of W. Hinsdale Pl. in the Columbine West Subdivision.  Work is expected to begin early July and will continue for approximately one month.
    Addresses that are projected to be affected by this project include:
    7456 S. Pierce Ct.
    7476 S. Pierce Ct.
    7496 S. Pierce Ct.
    7516 S. Pierce Ct.
    7517 S. Pierce Ct.
    7497 S. Pierce Ct.
    7477 S. Pierce Ct.
    7457 S. Pierce Ct.
    Dutch Creek Drive Water Main Replacement
    1,100 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe will be replaced in W. Portland Dr. between S. Sheridan Blvd. and W. Rowland Ave. in the Normandy Estates Subdivision.  Work is expected to begin early July and will continue for approximately one month.
    Addresses that are projected to be affected by this project include:
      6969 S. Sheridan Blvd.
    5475 W. Portland Dr.
      7005 S. Sheridan Blvd.
    5467 W. Portland Dr.
      5605 W. Rowland Ave.
    5477 W. Portland Dr.
      5445 W. Rowland Ave.
    5256 W. Portland Dr.
    5235 W. Portland Dr.
    5286 W. Portland Dr.
    5255 W. Portland Dr.
    5316 W. Portland Dr.
    5275 W. Portland Dr.
    5366 W. Portland Dr.
    5357 W. Portland Dr.
    5396 W. Portland Dr.
    5377 W. Portland Dr.
    5416 W. Portland Dr.
    5397 W. Portland Dr.
    5436 W. Portland Dr.
    5417 W. Portland Dr.
    5456 W. Portland Dr.
    5427 W. Portland Dr.
    5466 W. Portland Dr.
    What Is Involved in Replacing a Water Main?
    Replacements are done for various reasons including:  to repair or avoid main breaks and pipe corrosion, to alleviate water quality problems, to increase available hydrant fire flow, and to improve overall area delivery.
    The water distribution system contains approximately 4 miles of water mains. Every improvement and replacement project is a little different, because of conditions at the project site. The information provided below is a typical work process, illustrating what you can expect if Platte Canyon crews are working in your neighborhood. When we are working in your neighborhood, you should receive a notice describing the project and providing contact information, in case you have questions. To inquire about a specific project, please contact the project manager, who is identified on this notice.
    The typical process to replace a pipe involves eleven steps:
    1. Give notice to customers.
    2. Cut and rotor mill the pavement.
    3. Dig the trench.
    4. Install the replacement pipe.
    5. Chlorinate and pressure test the new pipe.
    6. Obtain Water Quality Lab approval for new service pipe.
    7. Disconnect service lines from original pipe and connect service lines to new pipe. *
    8. Cut off and abandon the old main in place.
    9. Cover trench and place temporary paving over the trench.
    10. Repair damage to private property caused by the project.
    11. Pave the work area as required. **
    *          Platte Canyon repairs leaks between the main in the street and the street-side shutoff valve to reduce water loss. Where an existing service line is found to include lead, and in some other cases, a new service line is installed from the new water main to the shutoff valve by the street. The service line from the street-side shutoff to a residence or business is owned the customer, and its repair and maintenance is the customer's responsibility, not Platte Canyon's.
    **        Permanent paving may be delayed due to weather or to combine projects into one large paving job.
    Tip from the Crews
    After a main repair, you may see reddish discoloration in the water caused by small amounts of iron compounds flushing out of the existing system. These iron compounds are not hazardous, and you can clear up the discoloration by running the water a few minutes. Sometimes, particles of iron can get into your aerators, causing a loss of water flow. If this happens, take off the aerator on a faucet. If you see hard particles in it, rinse them off and do any other aerators as well. Don't forget the shower head.
    There may also be a slightly different taste and/or odor to the water in the new main.  This is probably from the lubricant used when joints of pipe are securely pushed in place.  This lubricant is an animal based product that is not hazardous and running the interior plumbing will dissipate the odor and taste.
    If you have any questions or comments concerning these projects, please contact Denny Morse, Construction Manager, at 303-979-2333.