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  2. As part of Denver Water’s Irrigation Efficiency Program, Stanton Farms Townhomes HOA entered into an Irrigation Efficiency Demand Side Management Agreement with Denver Water. This agreement resulted from Denver Water conservation specialists conducting a free audit on the irrigation systems at Stanton Farms. Specialists outlined a list of landscape and irrigation changes that maximized water savings. Following Denver Water staff recommendations, the HOA instituted a water-saving makeover which includes the replacement of spray head nozzles in turf areas with more efficient rotary nozzles. The HOA will phase-in the use of Weather-Based ET controllers as time and money permit over the length of the Agreement.

    The total cost for this makeover is offset by incentive checks from Denver Water which pays $7,000 per acre foot of water saved over a five year period, including up to $10,000 of landscape design assistance. Additional rebates on rain sensors and irrigation controllers are also available to reduce overall costs.

    Platte Canyon has been emphasizing the importance of conservation as something that is both economical and environmentally responsible. Denver Water’s incentive program makes being green more economical and the District’s HOAs and commercial customers can earn money for doing so.

    Who is Eligible?     All homeowners associations, commercial or irrigation-only customers served by Platte Canyon are eligible to apply for the program.

    If you are interested in saving water and earning money for doing so, eligible irrigation customers can schedule a free outdoor audit and learn more about Denver Water’s Irrigation Efficiency Program by calling 303-628-6343 to speak with an outdoor conservation specialist or e-mail

    For more information on Denver Water’s Irrigation Efficiency Program please visit their web site by clicking here.