District News Articles

  2. Denver Water and the City of Littleton have announced significant increases in water and sanitary sewer rates for 2010.
    Water rates for residential customers are scheduled to increase 10% effective February 1, 2010 (see rate schedule below).  The annual bill for Platte Canyon customers based on consumption of 150,000 gallons will increase $53.24.  This represents an average monthly increase of $4.44 or $16.34 during the high irrigation months of July and August.

    Much of the water rate increase is due to scheduled capital improvements needed to upgrade and expand Denver Water’s storage, treatment and water delivery infrastructure.  Over the next 10 years Denver Water plans to expand its recycled water system, enlarge Gross Reservoir by 18,000 acre feet, finish development of gravel pit storage for reusable water.  The 10 year capital improvement plan calls for expenditure of $1.3 billion.  Addition information on Denver Water’s capital improvement plan and water rates is available at
    The Littleton City Council recently approved a 9% increase in sewer rates for both city and connector district customers (which includes Platte Canyon customers).  A comparison between 2009 and adopted 2010 sewer rates is shown below.

    The recently completed expansion and upgrading of the Littleton-Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plan has increased the financial burden on current and future treatment customers.  The severe reduction in tap fee revenues throughout the plant’s service area has unfortunately increased the burden on existing customers.  In addition, ever more stringent treatment requirements imposed by state and federal regulatory agencies has, and will continue to necessitate construction of more sophisticated, costly treatment plan components.
    Following a thorough review of proposed treatment plant and city sewer utility costs the Platte Canyon Board of Directors agreed to endorse and support the sewer rate increase.  The Board noted that the Littleton-Englewood Treatment Plant is well managed and operated very efficiently.  The rate increase, while difficult in the current economic environment, is both reasonable and necessary.
    While the Platte Canyon Board of Directors agreed to support the current nine percent sewer rate increase, they urged City staff and Council members to continue to work with Platte Canyon and other connector districts to resolve an ongoing disagreement over cost allocations between various classes of customers.  Platte Canyon participated with other connector districts including, Southwest Metropolitan, Ken Caryl Ranch, Meadowbrook, Grant and Roxborough Water and Sanitation Districts to commission an independent, profession study to review and analyze the City’s rate process.  Additional information on the connector districts efforts will be included in a future web update.