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  1. 1/15/2010 CAPITAL MASTER PLAN FOR 2010 - 2019
  2. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors recently approved a Capital Master Plan for 2010 - 2019.  The purpose of the master plan is to itemize, prioritize and schedule water and wastewater facility expansion, rehabilitation and replacement projects and vehicle purchases to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting and cash flow analysis.  The Plan enables the District to be pro-active in confronting water and sewer system modifications and rehabilitation.
    The 2010 - 2019 Capital Master Plan proposes expenditure of $385,537 in 2010, and $3,003,704 during the ten year period extending from 2010 to 2019.  This compares with last year’s master plan projected expenditures for 2009 amounting to $495,417 and ten year period expenditures totaling $4,319,168.  Water facility replacement projects account for 49 percent of the total proposed expenditures while sewer rehabilitation expenses and vehicle and equipment purchases account for 20 percent and 31 percent respectively.
    Expenditures called for in this Capital Master Plan will result in a reserve fund balance of $9,061,781 at year end 2010.  This amount has been determined to provide adequate reserves to meet expenditures proposed in the Capital Master Plan.  No increases in tax revenues, tap fees or annexation fees will to be required to meet the goals of the current plan.
    Two water main replacement projects totaling 1,425 feet of pipe are scheduled for 2010.  Both projects are new additions to the ten year replacement schedule due to recent water main breaks combined with high ratings for total number of failures.  The first project, CIP 10-1W, proposes replacement of 325 feet of 4-inch cast iron pipe in the S. Pierce Ct. cul-de-sac south of W. Hinsdale Pl. in the Columbine West Subdivision.  This short section of pipe serving eight residences has experienced four breaks due to electrolysis caused corrosion of the 4-inch cast iron pipe.  The existing pipe will be replaced with 4-inch, C900, class 200 PVC pipe to eliminate metallic pipe corrosion.  The estimated cost for Project CIP 10-1W is $48,502 including engineering and a 15% contingency.
    The second water main replacement project scheduled for 2010 anticipates replacement of 1,100 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe in W. Portland Dr. between S. Sheridan Blvd. and W. Rowland Ave. in the Normandy Estates Subdivision.  The existing cast iron pipe has experienced three electrolysis caused failures.  The surrounding area contains very corrosive soils that has degraded cast iron water mains.  Several water mains have previously been replaced in the surrounding area.  The existing cast iron pipe will be replaced with corrosion resistant C900, class 150, PVC pipe at an estimated cost of $158,039 inclusive of engineering and contingencies.
    Two new projects, CIP 11-1W and CIP 12-1W have been added to this years capital improvement plan.  Seven proposed projects have been carried over from last year’s plan with six of the projects reprioritized and scheduled for construction in different years than contemplated in the previous plan.  Six project have been dropped from the ten year replacement schedule because the pipelines’ ratings no longer qualify them for near term replacement or rehabilitation.
    The total cost for water main replacement and rehabilitation projects over the 2010 to 2019  period is $1,484,708 as compared to $2,835,768 proposed in the 2009 - 2018 plan.  The significant reduction in proposed costs reflects the elimination of projects as referenced above.
    One sewer replacement project has been scheduled for 2010.  A sewer pipeline in W. Roxbury Dr. in the Columbine Knolls Subdivision has experienced slow flow and grease build up and blockages for many years.  The pipe is very flat and manhole S.4.1.2 causes the flow to backup into the upstream sewer main and residential service pipes.  Potholing and surveying is currently being conducted to determine the most effective solution to this problem, including the possible replacement of manhole S.4.1.2 and 383 feet of pipe upstream of the manhole.  The project may also entail replacement of some portion of the sewer service pipes connected to the sewer main.  A conservative cost estimate for this project has been set at $150,996 including engineering and a 15% contingency.
    More information relative to the above mentioned projects will appear on the web site when scheduling information is available.
    The entire Capital Master Plan for 2010 - 2019 is available for download or review by clicking here.