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  2. An important maintenance activity District operations employees perform is high-pressure cleaning of sanitary sewer mains.
    In December 2009, the District purchased a replacement of a unit owned since 1998.  The picture to the left shows what the vehicle looks like should you see it on your neighborhood street.
    A 1-inch diameter high-pressure hose is propelled up the sewer mains utilizing a special nozzle and a water pump capable of pressures up to 2,500 psi.  Once the nozzle reaches an upstream manhole, the direction is reversed and the pipe is scoured and washed clean of debris, grit, and grease.  The picture below shows the operator’s station.

    Another use for this equipment is root cutting maintenance.  In tandem with the closed-circuit inspection van, a mechanical cutter is sent into lines with root intrusion.  Saw blades and chains are on the end of the cutter which effectively remove root growth.
    A new option added to this replacement cleaner is a root growth inhibitor and killer equipment.  A dense foam can be applied into the sewer main.  This foam fills the entire void of the sewer pipe and a portion of a customer’s private sewer service pipes.  Two different chemicals kill the roots and retards re-growth.
    This activity provided by the District is necessary to prevent sanitary sewer overflow spills into our customers’ private property or into waterways within the District.
    If you are interested in learning more about the District’s sanitary sewer cleaning program, have other questions, or would like to view the new equipment, please call Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at 303-979-2333.