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  2. The District has been working on a Geographic Information System (GIS) project for over a year and is rolling out the program to its employees in mid-April of 2010.  The District made the decision to proceed with the GIS project when the District went mobile with their field operations staff over a year ago.  The District has taken the current asset management program (Hansen) and combined it with the District’s mapping system to create the District’s GIS program. 

    The GIS program gives employees a user-friendly tool to graphically see the district’s facilities and gather useful information about the facilities.  Employees will now be able to search for facility data by address or facility ID which greatly improves response time to customer calls.  Field staff can now determine sewer tap locations at the blink of an eye.  The GIS program also allows field operations staff to locate valve, hydrants, sewer mains, and water mains and provide them with information about those assets to help perform proper maintenance and keep the district’s system operating correctly.
    If you have any questions or desire more information about the District’s GIS project, please contact Alyssa Quinn or Scott Morse at 303-979-2333.