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  2. Meter Pits
    Platte Canyon requires a minimum three foot “clear” radius around water meter pits to be maintained.  The shut-off valve for your water service is located in the meter pit.  Hiding or covering the pit makes operation and maintenance difficult and increases the likelihood of delays, additional charges on your water bill and property damage, should the water line break inside your house. 
    Please see the example images below.  The image on the left is an example of an unacceptable meter pit area and the example on right is an example of an acceptable clearance radius:
    Fire Hydrants
    Both Platte Canyon and the Littleton Fire Department require fire hydrants remain visible and accessible at all times.  The District and the Fire Department must have unimpeded access to connect their hoses and equipment in routine maintenance and emergency situations.  District and Fire Department regulations require that all fire hydrants be clear of bushes, fences, posts, decorative landscaping, and other obstructions a minimum of 3 feet of the rear and on each side of the hydrant and full clearance in front.
    The District and the fire department requests your assistance maintaining this clearance, should you have a fire hydrant located adjacent to your property.
    The pictures below show both an “acceptable clearance” and an “unacceptable clearance”.  It is very important to heed the above restrictions should the fire hydrant be needed for emergency situations.
    If you should have any questions  or concerns about your meter pit or a fire hydrant in your area, or the above restrictions, please call Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at 303-979-2333.