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  2. For the fifth consecutive year, the Platte Canyon Board of Directors has authorized funding for the Learning to be WaterWise water education program. Expenditures will be shared equally by the District and Denver Water Department to supply program materials to teachers and 5th grade students at the Dutch Creek Elementary and Leawood Elementary Schools.

    Learning to be WaterWise is a comprehensive water education program that teaches wise water use as well as specific Colorado oriented water resources, water quality and water allocation principles. Each participating student receives a kit that includes a student activity booklet, Colorado water resources information, a pre and post program survey form, letter to parents, home checkup form, household report card, CD-ROM, high efficiency showerhead, 2.0 gpm kitchen aerator, bathroom aerator, resources facts slide chart, water temperature check card, flow test bag, toilet leak detection tablets, and other items. The multi-disciplinary activity booklet contains lessons in math, sciences, and reading.

    Teachers receive a program binder, video, poster, and other comprehensive instructional materials. Last year’s program was very well received by school administrators, teachers, students and parents. Surveys conducted at the conclusion of the program identified a high level of parental involvement and successful completion of student home activities. Teachers gave high marks to the program’s relevant, topical information and student hands on activities.

    Platte Canyon and Denver Water are pleased to assist the Jefferson County School District in this cooperative endeavor to bring valuable resource information to students residing within the District.

    Download - WaterWise - 2003-2004 Summary.pdf

    Download - WaterWise - 2004-2005 Summary.pdf