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  2. To each of us the most important thing about water is that when we turn on the faucet we receive water of high quality and reliable delivery.
    To this end the Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District obtains its water through a contract with the Denver Water Department.
    Since the 1800s Denver has been purchasing and developing surface flow water rights on both the East and West slopes.  The majority of Denver’s water comes from rivers and streams fed by mountain snowmelt. The South Platte River, Blue River, Williams Fork River and Fraser River watersheds are Denver Water’s primary water sources, but it also uses water from the South Boulder Creek, Ralston Creek and Bear Creek watersheds. 

    South Platte River, Blue River, Williams Fork River

    Dillon Reservoir is Denver Water’s largest storage facility and holds nearly 40 percent of Denver’s water. This raw water is transported by streams, ditches, reservoirs, tunnels and pipes to the Denver System.  Flows are carefully monitored in relation to the annual snow melt and the demands of water system customers.
    Treatment and testing are provided by Denver Water at several state of the art facilities.  Having multiple treatment facilities ensures system strength and delivery reliability.
    It is at this point that Denver delivers water into the Platte Canyon system, either directly from Denver’s treated water reservoirs and conduits and through the District’s Scott J. Morse Pump Station facilities.
    From the reservoirs and conduits the water flows through Platte Canyon pipes, control valves (to ensure appropriate service pressure at all topographic elevations through the District), and other fixtures to reach your home or business.  There you turn the faucet and receive the accustomed flow of quality water.
    For more information on Denver Water’s water supply or water supply conditions, please call 303-628-6000 or you can visit Denver Water’s Supply and Planning website page at