District News Articles

  2. The Littleton City Council will consider adoption of a 2% increase in sanitary sewer rates for all Littleton and connector district customers (including Platte Canyon sewer customers) on October 18, 2011.  If adopted, the rates for single family residential customers will rise from $208.05 to $212.21, a $4.16 annual increase.  Multi-family residential customer rates will increase from $176.84 to $180.36, $3.54 per year.  Commercial customer rates will increase from $2.27 to $2.32 per 1,000 gallons of water consumption.
    Platte Canyon contracts with the City of Littleton to treat wastewater transmitted from the District at the Littleton - Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Littleton directly bills Southwest Metropolitan customers for treatment services.  All revenue produced from the sanitary sewer charges is retained by the City and used for treatment related services.
    Littleton City Council also discussed the possibility of changing the basis for residential sanitary sewer charges from a flat fee per residential unit to a charge based on water consumption during winter months.  The rationale for a water based consumption based charge is that it more equitably distributes costs based on the actual amount of wastewater generated.  Water meter readings during the winter months when there is little or no outdoor irrigation are the basis by which sanitary sewer charges are determined.
    Littleton is also considering billing for sewer service more frequently than once per year.  City staff is developing alternatives presentation to City Council during a yet to be scheduled study session.
    If you are interested in obtaining more information, or commenting on these proposals as they are developed, please monitor the Platte Canyon and Littleton web sites ( and