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  2. Several weeks ago Platte Canyon maintenance crews discovered a large obstruction in the District’s primary outfall sewer pipe in W. Bowles Ave. between S. Lowell Blvd (Platte Canyon Rd.) and S. Middlefield Rd.  It was determined that the only way to remove the obstruction was to excavate and remove a portion of the 24-inch concrete pipe.  Due to the very heavy volume of traffic using Bowles Ave., the District worked extensively with other utility owners and the City of Littleton to minimize traffic disruption and the impact on local businesses.  The plan called for working constantly over a three day period including a Saturday and Sunday when traffic volumes are lower.  ENS Consulting, LLC designed the project for the District and Brannon Construction was retained to conduct the construction work.
    The work began on Thursday October 6, 2011 and despite heavy rain and the first snowstorm of the season the project was completed by 2:00 p.m., Sunday October 9, 2011.
    Congratulations for completion of the project within budget and prescribed time limits goes out to Rich Cassens with ENS Consultants, LLC, Rick Donovan and the crew from Brannon Construction, Scott Hand, Platte Canyon operations supervisor, and City of Littleton engineering staff.