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  2. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors recently approved a Capital Master Plan for 2012 - 2021. The purpose of the master plan is to itemize, prioritize and schedule water and wastewater facility expansion, rehabilitation and replacement projects and vehicle purchases to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting and cash flow analysis. The Plan enables the District to be pro-active in confronting water and sewer system modifications and rehabilitation.
    The 2012 -2021 Capital Master Plan proposes expenditure of $1,133,573 in 2012, and $4,031,415 during the ten year period extending from 2012 to 2021. This compares with last year’s master plan projected expenditures for 2012 amounting to $318,308 and ten year period expenditures totaling $3,003,704. Water facility replacement projects account for 32 percent of the total proposed expenditures while sewer rehabilitation expenses and vehicle and equipment purchases account for 30 percent and 38 percent respectively.
    Expenditures called for in this Capital Master Plan will result in a reserve fund balance of $9,466,660 at year end 2012. This amount has been determined to provide adequate reserves to meet expenditures proposed in the Capital Master Plan. No increases in tax revenues, tap fees or annexation fees will to be required to meet the goals of the current plan.
    One water main replacement project is scheduled for 2012. The proposed project was previously scheduled for 2013, but has been advanced due to continuing deterioration of the pipe and the occurrence of an additional water main break in 2011. The project consists of replacement of 474 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe in S. Sheridan Ct. between W. Ken Caryl Ave. and W. Hinsdale Ave with 474 feet of 6-inch, C-900, class 150 PVC pipe. The existing water main was installed in 1964. The projected cost for project CIP 12-1W is $81,168.
    Another water main replacement project originally scheduled for 2012 in the 2011 - 2020 capital improvement plan has been delayed to 2014 as a result of not experiencing additional pipe failures or deficiencies.
    The single water related capital project scheduled for 2013 proposes replacement of interior piping at the Columbine West Pump Station. A number of leaks have occurred on the steel pipe due to internal corrosion. The leaks are repaired by welding steel plates on the exterior surface of the pipe. While this is a very adequate method of repairing the pipe, at some point all of the steel pipe will need to be replaced. District staff will continue to closely monitor the condition of the pipe and adjust the project schedule accordingly. The estimated cost for replacement of the pump station piping is $333,270.
    Seven additional water main replacement and rehabilitation projects are scheduled for 2014 through 2021 at an estimated cost of $893,572. Two of the projects call for rehabilitation of a total of 1,650 feet of 16-inch steel transmission pipe in Sheridan Blvd. (extended) between Coal Mine Ave. and Ontario Ave. in the Normandy Estates Subdivision and between Leawood Dr. and the Dutch Creek in the Leawood Subdivision. The pipelines are structurally sound but have experienced pin hole leaks due to exterior corrosion. A cured-in-place method of rehabilitation is proposed due to very limited right of way which could preclude cut-and-cover replacement. The two projects are estimated to cost $452,088.
    The remaining five capital water projects propose replacement of 1,885 feet of 4, 6, and 8-inch cast iron pipe and 620 feet of 6-inch asbestos-cement pipe. All pipe will be replaced with C-900, class 150, PVC pipe.
    The total cost for water main replacement and rehabilitation projects over the 2012 - 2021 period is $1,308,010 as compared to $1,273,398 proposed in the 2011 - 2020 plan.
    Video inspection of the Coon Creek interceptor sewer has revealed significant internal corrosion of the 50 year old 18-inch and 21-inch concrete pipe. To respond to the problem, rehabilitation of 1,313 feet of 21-inch pipe, 4,803 feet of 18-inch pipe and 27 manholes is scheduled as a high priority capital sewer project in 2012. Much of the pipe is located in narrow easements and rehabilitation will necessitate coordination with private property owners to obtain access and work staging rights. A cured-in-place method of rehabilitation will be utilized for the project to avoid excavation. By-pass pumping will be required and will likely be a significant cost factor. Sixty-nine service connections on the interceptor will have to be restored as a component of the project. These reconnections will be made from the interior of the pipe to avoid multiple excavations. The estimated cost for project CIP 12-1S is $759,905.
    For each year between 2012 and 2021, expenditure of $50,000 is being proposed for cured-in-place pipeline rehabilitation of sewer mains that are found to be either structurally deficient or heavily infiltrated with roots. The location and scheduling for these rehabilitation projects is determined by routine sewer video inspections. An annual contract is awarded to a single sewer rehabilitation contractor to conduct repair and rehabilitation projects on an as needed and authorized basis.
    Vehicle replacement costs for the period between 2012 and 2021 are projected to be $1,511,500, $557,500 more than the amount proposed in last year’s vehicle replacement schedule. The increase is attributed to cost increases for sewer cleaning and video inspection equipment, the addition of mobile valve operator equipment which was not included in last year’s schedule and the addition of a replacement for the existing flat bed truck with mounted crane and air compressor. All proposed purchases will replace existing units.
    Total capital expenses during the ten year planning period are $4,031,415; 39.4 percent of the projected year end 2011 reserve fund balance of $10,232,756. Cash financing is anticipated for all capital projects and no increases in property tax rates, tap fees, or service charges are proposed over the ten year period.

    The entire Capital Master Plan for 2012 - 2021 is available for download or review by clicking here. Click here to see how the Capital Master Plan for 2012 - 2021 fits into the District’s overall budget.