District News Articles

  2. The Board of Directors of Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District adopted a Resolution honoring Jack C. Dice for 44 years of dedicated service as a director and president of the District’s Board.  Mr. Dice was initially appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Directors in June 1966.  After being re-elected six times he resigned his position in October 1990.  He was reappointed to the Board in January 1992 and was re-elected another five times before deciding to not run for election this year.  Mr. Dice was elected to the position of President and Chairman of the Board in 1992 and retained those titles until this year.
    During Mr. Dice’s 44 years of service, he oversaw the negotiation and execution of a water supply agreement with Denver Water and a wastewater treatment agreement with the City of Littleton.  These farsighted decisions have provided the residents of Platte Canyon with many years of reliable, quality water and wastewater services.  Mr. Dice also was instrumental in negotiating service agreements with Southwest Metropolitan, Bow Mar, Columbine, and Lochmoor Water and Sanitation Districts and Valley Sanitation District.  These agreements provide efficiencies and economies of scale that greatly benefit the residents and tax payers of each of the districts.
    The Platte Canyon District has grown tremendously in size and responsibility since Mr. Dice began his service in 1966.  At that time, the District owned 15.9 miles of water pipe, 20.7 miles of sewer pipe and served 943 customers.  Today it is responsible for operating and maintaining 76.3 miles of water pipe, 25.7 miles sewer pipe and provides service to 5,966 water customers and 6,805 sewer customers.  Revenues in 1966 was $70,000 and the District had to borrow $10,000 from a bank in order to meet expenses.  This year, the District’s revenue will be $2.5 million and expenditures are projected to be $3.3 million.  The District is debt free and has a comfortable reserve for capital and emergency expenses.
    Prior to and during his lengthy service on the Platte Canyon Board, Mr. Dice was employed as a water quality expert with Jefferson County Health Department and Consolidated Mutual Water Company.  He later became manager of water quality for Denver Water prior to his retirement in 1992.  Mr. Dice’s experience, knowledge of water and wastewater utility operations and dedication will be sorely missed.