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  2. Platte Canyon will be conducting two major capital improvement projects set to begin within the next 30 days.  On May 25th the Board of Directors awarded a water main replacement construction contract to Levi Contractors, Inc. in the amount of $95,250.00 and a sewer rehabilitation construction contract to Reynolds Inliner, LLC in the amount of $398,018.00.  Details on the two projects are described below:
    South Sheridan Ct. Water Main Replacement
    The project consists of replacement of 474 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe in S. Sheridan Ct. between W. Ken Caryl Ave. and W. Hinsdale Ave. in the Columbine Knolls Subdivision with 474 feet of 6-inch, C-900, class 150 PVC pipe.  The existing water main was installed in 1964.  This project should take approximately one month to complete.
    Addresses that are projected to be affected by this project include:
    7420 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7441 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7440 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7461 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7460 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7471 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7470 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7481 S. Sheridan Ct.
    7480 S. Sheridan Ct.
    5308 W. Hinsdale Ave.

    Raccoon Creek Sewer Interceptor Rehabilitation
    Video inspection of the Raccoon Creek interceptor sewer revealed significant internal corrosion of the 50 year old 18-inch and 21-inch concrete pipe.  To respond to the problem, the District will rehabilitate various portions of the Raccoon Creek Interceptor south of W. Bowles Ave. and east of S. Jay Street.  The project consists of rehabilitation of 1,313 feet of 21-inch and 4,803 feet of 18-inch concrete pipe and rehabilitation of 27 manholes.  A cured-in-place method of rehabilitation will be utilized for the project to avoid excavation.  Sixty-nine service connections on the interceptor will have to be restored as a component of the project.  These reconnections will be made from the interior of the pipe to avoid multiple excavations.   
    Work is expected to begin this month and will continue through the fall.

    If you have any questions or comments concerning these projects, please contact Denny Morse, Construction Manager, at 303-979-2333.