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  2. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors on November 16, 2012 approved the Capital Master Plan for 2013-2022 which calls for spending $4.6 million over the next ten years to replace and rehabilitate water and sewer mains and maintenance vehicles and equipment. The Board adopts a revised capital plan each year in conjunction with the consideration of the annual budget. According to Kenneth Bradford, President of the Platte Canyon Board of Directors, “The Ten Year Capital Plan allows us to schedule infrastructure renewal projects and vehicle replacements during the financial planning process, and thus avoid large unanticipated expenses which could strain our ability to meeting operating and routine capital expenses within our anticipated revenue structure. We are diligent in developing long range plans to avoid asking District customers for increases in taxes or other sources of revenue. Our planning has been very successful as indicated by the fact that the District has not increased the property tax mill levy in over 20 years.”
    The 2013-2022 capital plan proposes the expenditure of $2.8 million for water replacement projects, $.5 million for sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects and $1.3 million for vehicle and equipment replacements. These expenditures are not expected to necessitate an increase in annual tax or other revenues.
    Capital projects proposed for construction in 2013 include the following:


    Project 13-1W
    Replacement of 325 feet of 4-inch cast iron pipe with 325 feet of 4-inch PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe in S. Quay Ct. between W. Hinsdale Pl. and the end of the cul-de-sac in the Columbine West Subdivision. Estimated cost is $76,507
    Project 13-2W
    Replacement of 775 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe with 775 feet of 6-inch PVC pipe in S. Jay Dr. between W. Monticello Ave. and S. Elmhurst Dr. in the Columbine Hills Subdivision. Estimated cost is $182,439.
    Project 13-1S
    Rehabilitate using a cured-in-place method of rehabilitation various sections of sanitary sewer pipe throughout the District. Estimated cost is %50,000.
    The Capital Master Plan for 2013-2022 including project descriptions and location maps, cost estimates and a detailed description of the methods used to evaluate and schedule capital projects is available on the District’s website here.