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  2. Historically the District will run a sewer service line maintenance article every year due to the problems that can occur from the additional use around the holidays (see last year’s article here). Having more than the usual number of people in the home, more meals prepared in the home, or the type and amount of material sent down the sink is usually a recipe for a holiday disaster. If customers have had issues with their service lines it is an excellent idea to have service performed before the upcoming holiday season.
    Remember, no grease should ever be put down the drain! The grease will clog your sewer service line, especially if you have roots and may cause an expensive backup or repair bill. Put grease in a sealable container (glass, plastic, etc.) and throw it away in the trash on your trash day. Never put put potato peels (or any other type of peels) down the drain! The peels do not break down very well in the garbage disposal and could cause a backup at usually the most inconvenient time.
    Sewer service line backups and clean up can be very expensive. Insurance coverage is usually available through your homeowner’s coverage as an additional rider to most policies.
    Please Note: Most sewage backups occur in the service line between the District’s main line and the customer’s home, which is the property and responsibility of the customer. The removal of clogs or repair of any damage to the service line is the homeowner’s responsibility (see article titled, How Much Water and Sewer Service Pipe is Your Responsibility...located here).
    The District makes every effort to protect its customers against sewage backups. Under the District’s preventative maintenance program launched in the mid-1970’s, 25 percent of the main lines are camera-inspected for blockages annually, with areas of build-up “jet cleaned” with high-pressure water. Therefore, all lines are inspected every 4 years. Further, our crews conduct visual inspections of manholes on some sewer lines monthly, and some areas also receive more frequent camera-inspections and jet cleaning.
    If you have questions, or to report problems with water service, sewer service, or possible water leaks or sewer back-ups, please contact the District at 303-979-2333 BEFORE calling a plumber or another contractor. The District will dispatch a maintenance operations representative 24/7/365 to determine whether a water or sewer problem is the District’s or customer’s responsibility.
    Please note that the District does not charge for responding to service calls.