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  2. The District Board of Directors has decided to save time, money and trees by adopting an online, paperless board-agenda program which has done away with bulky packets of paper – which can be 250 to 400 pages each - in favor of the Apple iPad. This program is expected to save time, taxpayer dollars and the environment and will replace the old method of compiling, printing, collating and distributing paper agenda packets by hand. The new paperless program will also increase the amount of time board members have to review information in preparation of the month’s board meeting. Under the previous system, the meeting packet could not be distributed until every document had been prepared, submitted and approved, and staff members would have to spend time assembling them into packets before distributing them to board members via the post office.


    The District’s paperless program made its official debut at the March 2014 Board Meeting at the conclusion of a pilot project which lasted two months during which time the board members participated in iPad training during the January and February board meetings to prepare for the transition. At the conclusion of training, Directors were prepared and familiar with the features of the iPad, as well as navigating the Board agenda on the device through the District website’s secure Board Member Portal.


    Meeting agendas and related documents are now posted to the Board Member Portal the Friday before the board meeting and can be updated with new additions to the agenda up to the day before the board meeting.  Prior to implementing the paperless program, District staff had no way to distribute additional documents in a timely manner prior to the Board meeting.  By going paperless via the iPad and by implementing the District’s Board Member Portal there is virtually no time delay in board members receiving the documents necessary to prepare for the month’s board meeting.


    In addition to being able to view the current month’s board meeting agenda and related documents, the Board is alerted when new documents have been added to the Board Member Portal as well as being able to access the District’s website, receive emails, view Colorado legislative reports as they are updated, review draft documents immediately without having to wait for postal mail delivery in addition to many other helpful business tools.


    A District staff cost analysis revealed that use of the iPad will result in an estimated annual cost savings of nearly $4,000 per year.