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  2. The following capital improvement projects are scheduled to begin this summer:


    S. Chase Wy. Water Main Replacement


    The S. Chase Wy. Water Main Replacement proposes replacement of 1,560 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe in S. Chase Wy. between W. Rowland Pl. and S. Sheridan Ct. in the Columbine Knolls Subdivision (see map below). The existing pipeline was installed in 1968 and has experienced three electrolysis caused failures. A number of pipelines in the general vicinity of this proposed replacement have also experienced electrolysis failures and have been replaced.


    The District has awarded a construction contract to Levi Contractors a contractor who has worked for the District in the past and has done excellent work. The project is currently in the design phase with drawings soon to be ready for construction. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin the first week in August and will take approximately three weeks to complete. Customer impact may involve short periods of water outages and some traffic inconveniences. The estimated cost for the project including engineering and contingencies is $398,012.


    Columbine Heights Sewer Rehabilitation


    Over the past year, District operations staff have conducted a comprehensive condition assessment of all 8-inch through 12-inch concrete sewer pipe. Virtually all of the pipe is experiencing corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide gas deterioration of the concrete. All of the 17,826 feet of concrete pipe in Platte Canyon has been inspected and prioritized for rehabilitation over a six year period beginning this year and ending in 2019. The first segments to be rehabilitated using a cured-in-place lining process are located in the Columbine Heights Subdivision in Robincrest Ln. and Meadowlark Ln. north of W. Coal Mine Ave. (see map below) 


    This project calls for lining 1,814 feet of 8-inch, and 625 feet of 12-inch concrete pipe installed in 1958. The lining process coats the inside of the pipe with a resin type material that will extend the life of the pipe 50+ years. Along with lining the pipe, the manholes within the route will be lined with a similar material that prohibits root infiltration and eliminates deterioration of the concrete underground structure.


    The project has been awarded to Layne Inliner, which has performed excellent work for the District in the past. Construction this month and will take approximately three weeks to complete. Customer impact may involve some traffic inconvenience. The estimated cost of this project is $112,200.


    If you should have any questions pertaining to these projects, please feel free to call the District’s Project and Construction Coordinator, Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.