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  1. 1/12/2007 Construction Projects Planned for 2007
  2. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors has approved four capital construction projects for 2007.  The projects, which are expected to cost $389, 296, are part of the District’s Capital Master Plan for 2007-2016.  The plan projects expenditure of $4,158,576 for water and sewer system replacements and improvements and $979,000 for vehicle replacements over the next ten years. 

    This year’s capital plan introduced a new method for evaluating and scheduling pipeline rehabilitation projects.  Each of the District’s 1,016 water and 1,877 sewer pipelines were evaluated based on facility age, material type, failure rate and other important subjective factors.  The evaluation process resulted in a priority listing of pipelines scheduled for rehabilitation or replacement.  A detailed description of the evaluation rating criteria can be found in the Capital Master Plan. 

    Projects scheduled for construction in 2007 include the following: 


    • W. Chestnut Ave.

    660 feet of 6-inch water pipe will be replaced in W. Chestnut Ave., between W. Elmhurst Ave. and W. Elmhurst Dr. in the Columbine Hills Subdivision.  The project is expected to cost $125,705. 

    • S. Ingalls Wy.

    752 feet of 6-inch water pipe will be replaced in S. Ingalls Wy. between W. Rowland Pl. and W. Geddes Pl. in the Columbine Knolls Subdivision.  This project is expected to cost $167,405. 


    • W. Chestnut Ave.

    180 Feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe located in W. Chestnut Ave. west of S. Jay Dr. in the Columbine Hills Subdivision will be rehabilitated using a “cured-in-place” method of pipeline rehabilitation.  The “cured-in-place” process requires no excavation and interrupts affected customer service for only of brief period during insertion of the liner. 

    • Platte River Sewage Lift Station Bypass Pipe

    This project consists of construction of a pipeline from the inlet to the District’s sewage pump station on the west side of the South Platte River near Crestline Ave. to a new interceptor sewer pipe being constructed by Roxborough Water and Sanitation District.  An intergovernmental agreement between Platte Canyon and Roxborough allows Platte Canyon to discharge sewage into Roxborough’s pipe rather than pump it under the Platte River into a pipe owned by the City of Littleton.  Upon conclusion of the project, the sewage lift station will be decommissioned. 

    The bypass sewer construction is expected to cost $86,250.

    Platte River Lift Station

    Additional information on all of the construction projects scheduled in the next ten years, including location maps for each project can be found in the Capital Master Plan.