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  2. An important maintenance activity District operations employees perform is closed-circuit television inspections of sanitary sewer mains. This activity provides a detailed evaluation of the condition of every sewer main owned by the District.

    In August, 2006 the District purchased a replacement of a TV Inspection unit owned since 1992. The pictures below show what the vehicle looks like if you see it on your neighborhood street.  


    A self propelled color camera travels down the sewer main and evaluates several factors including, but no limited to, service connections, root intrusion, structural integrity, and flow characteristics.

    The picture to the left shows the camera and the propelling device, called a transporter, which combined, give maintenance crews the ability to look a short distance into service connections, rate conditions of structural concerns, and provide instant pictures to customer requests, when they experience drainage problems from their residences.  The picture below right shows District crews preparing to insert the camera and transporter into a manhole in preparation to begin TV inspection.

    Information gathered during the inspections is input into a maintenance database. This data is used to compare current inspections with past inspections and dictates whether further maintenance and/or repairs are necessary. These inspections are also recorded on a DVD format and used in conjunction with the inspection reports for evaluation.

    This maintenance activity is one of the most important procedures provided by the District. Results of the inspections are a valuable tool to prevent sanitary sewer overflow spills into our customers’ private property or into waterways within the District.

    Video Inspection In Progress

    If you are interested in learning more about the District’s closed-circuit inspection program, have general questions, or would like to view the new equipment, please call Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at 303-979-2333.