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  2. District maintenance employees are occasionally asked to respond to situations where broken sprinkling system pipes or water service lines are flooding adjacent properties. When no one is home at the site of the break, the District must act to prevent property damage and water loss. Normally, the District representative terminates service at the meter in the front yard, and leaves a notice on the customer’s door. But what happens when there is no meter in the yard?

    Many residences now have indoor meter settings. When the meter is inside the residence or business, a curb stop valve and access box is outside of the structure, usually at the front property line where the water service pipe enters the customer’s property. The curb stop box has a 5-inch diameter cover which provides access to the underground valve. Customers with outdoor meters have both a curb stop and meter pit in the yard while customers with meters located indoors have only a curb stop box and valve located outside the home.

    Frequently, the curb stop box becomes damaged or broken during final grading or landscape installation. When this occurs, the valve cannot be operated and may result in extensive delays in efforts to terminate water service for repairs.

    The individual customer is responsible for maintenance of the curb stop valve and box. Each customer should know where it is located in the event of an emergency necessitating termination of water service.

    If you have any questions about the location of your curb stop valve, or if you would like to verify that the valve is accessible, please contact Scott Hand at 303-979-2333.