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  2. In a recent article, Men’s Health magazine ranked Denver Water’s tap water as the cleanest in the Country.

    The article explained that its rankings were based on the most recent data on “levels of arsenic, lead, halo-acetic acids and total trihalomethanes (linked to cancer), and total coliform bacteria, plus the number of EPA water-system violations from 1995 to 2005.” It went on further to point out that while “all water supplies came in below the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for 2005,” Denver Water’s maximum contaminant levels are far below that of any of the other cities studied. Detailed information regarding water quality, treatment and sources is provided to all Denver Water customers each year in the Consumer Confidence Report. The report contains technical water quality analysis information together with a basic description of the water treatment process.

    This year’s report is due out later this spring. If you would like to view last year’s “2006 Water Quality Report” you may do so by clicking here.

    Supplying this high quality water to the customers of Platte Canyon is a team effort. Denver Water acquires the water, treats it to a level that meets or exceeds all state and federal standards and supplies it to the District. Platte Canyon’s duty is to preserve and protect the excellent quality of the water as it moves through District owned pipes and pumping stations to your tap. We are very proud of the part we play in Denver Water’s designation as providing the cleanest water in the Country.