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  2. One of the routine operations that Platte Canyon maintenance crews perform during the spring and summer is annual inspection and maintenance of District owned fire hydrants. This routine maintenance includes: lubrication of the operating stem and nozzle caps, water pressure readings, as well as ensuring the proper operation of the fire hydrant and isolation gate valve. Fire hydrants are also painted on a bi-annual basis.  District crews also observe the general condition of the fire hydrant which includes the availability of proper access to the hydrant for maintenance and emergency purposes.

    Though the annual maintenance program is concluding for the fall and winter months, Platte Canyon is asking its customers to report any potential problems they observe with hydrants in their areas (i.e. hydrants leaking water, hydrants that have been damaged, hydrants that are missing, etc.).

    Platte Canyon and the Littleton Fire Department must have unimpeded access to all fire hydrants year round to connect their hoses and equipment in routine maintenance and emergency situations. Platte Canyon and Littleton Fire Department regulations require that all fire hydrants be clear of bushes, fences, posts, decorative landscaping, and other obstructions a minimum of 3 feet of the rear and on each side of the hydrant and full clearance in front.

    The District and the fire department requests your assistance maintaining this clearance, should you have a fire hydrant located adjacent to your property.

    The pictures below show both an “acceptable clearance” and an “unacceptable clearance”. It is very important to heed the above restrictions should the fire hydrant be needed for emergency situations.



    If you should have any questions concerning these restrictions, please call Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at 303-979-2333.