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  2. Over 100 Platte Canyon customers participated in this spring’s Xeriscape seminar series. The seminars have grown in popularity in recent years as customers respond to water restrictions, hot, dry summer weather, and increasing water rates.

    This spring’s seminars included the ever popular Introduction to Xeriscape which was taught by David Winger, a recognized expert in water efficient landscape design. Mr. Winger presented beautiful slides of Xeriscape gardens and plants and explained the seven principles of Xeriscape.

    New to the seminar series this year was Xeriscape: HOA Planning & Design presented by Larry Horgan of Garden Builders, Inc. Similar to the Introduction to Xeriscape seminar HOA Planning & Design was specifically designed to address the concerns of Home Owners Associations.

    Those who attended these introductory seminars were then allowed to schedule a one-on-one landscape design meeting with one of the Platte Canyon’s/Southwest Metropolitan’s landscape designers at one half the regular design fee. Participants of the one-on-one sessions received a complete Xeriscape design plan oriented toward their specific property.

    In addition to the introductory Xeriscape seminars, Keeping Your Lawn Green With Less Water returned to the series this year being led by Larry Keesen president of Keesen Water Management. Mr. Keesen is one of the metro area’s leading experts on lawn irrigation efficiency. The irrigation class introduced concepts such as how to determine the proper amount of water to use when irrigating, how different soil types absorb water, how to calculate water depletion, and when and how much water to use for varying landscape locations and design.

    Also new this year was Tree Selection, Planting and Establishment, presented by Keith Wood, Assistant Staff Forester in the Community Forestry Division of the Colorado State Forestry Service. This seminar discussed the topics of tree selection, how to properly plant different kinds of nursery stock, as well as the initial care required after planting for the successful establishment of the tree.

    Attendees of the Xeriscape seminars received free brochures and as well as having access to books on Xeriscape plants and maintenance calendars for purchase.

    The District thanks David Winger, Larry Keesen, Larry Horgan, and Keith Wood for their expert and interesting lectures.

    Please check the District website for updates on future classes and schedules. If you have questions or comments regarding the 2007 Xeriscape seminar program, or would like to suggest topics for future seminars, please let us know by contacting Alyssa Quinn at (303) 979-2333.