District News Articles

  1. 6/18/2010 District Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Blooming
  2. The District’s Robert G. Koran Memorial Xeriscape Demonstration Garden is in full bloom this month. The garden, located at the District’s office building at 8739 W. Coal Mine Avenue, serves as a model of the beauty, functionality and water use efficiency that can be achieved using Xeriscape gardening principles.

    The Xeriscape garden provides a setting where Platte Canyon District customers can view several types of arid landscape plants during various stages of growth in all seasons of the year.


    Available in the District office is the official guide to the garden, entitled Welcome to the Southwest Metropolitan & Platte Canyon Xeriscape™ Garden. This free brochure allows District customers to conduct a self-guided tour of the garden and includes a Plant Schedule which lists the various types of Xeriscape plantings exhibited, color pictures of some of the specimens in the garden, as well as a detailed color plant location map.

    To request Welcome to the Southwest Metropolitan & Platte Canyon Xeriscape™ Garden or to obtain further information on Xeriscape gardening and the District’s Xeriscape seminar programs, please contact Alyssa Quinn at 303-979-2333.