District News Articles

  1. 11/25/2005 Insurance Protection Against Sewer Backups
  2. We would like to remind Platte Canyon residents that many homeowner insurance policies do not automatically include coverage for sewer backups, whether caused by stoppages in the sewer main or sewer service pipe. Homeowners should also not assume that the District is responsible for damages, even if a backup occurs as a result of a stoppage in the District's sewer main. Sewer service providers are normally not found to be responsible for sewer backups caused by vandalism, roots entering the sewer main from customer laterals, and other problems not caused by the service provider if the utility has a comprehensive operation maintenance program. Platte Canyon has a very extensive maintenance program consisting of pipeline video inspections, hydraulic cleaning and root cutting.

    So, how do homeowners protect themselves against sewer backups? First, check your homeowners insurance policy. If it is not clear that your policy includes such coverage, contact your insurance agent. If your policy excludes coverage, request a rider to the policy to protect against backups. Many insurance companies offer such coverage but do not make it available unless specifically requested.

    And please remember, if you are experiencing a sewer backup, ALWAYS contact the District office immediately at (303) 979-2333 for assistance. There is no charge for the District to respond to these calls.