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  2. Builders of new homes and commercial structures are required to obtain sanitary sewer tap permits from both the District and City of Littleton before connecting to District owned sewer mains. Fees charged for the permits are used to offset the cost of new infrastructure needed to serve new development as well as to provide reimbursement of costs previously incurred for sewer collection and treatment facilities used by new connectors.

    A recently completed City of Littleton sanitary sewer tap fee study recommended a substantial increase in fees for all users of the Littleton - Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant. Platte Canyon is one of several water and sanitation districts that contract with the City of Littleton for wastewater treatment services. Thus, the new tap fee schedule will apply to all new sewer connections in Platte Canyon.

    The ordinance to increase tap fees initially set outside-City tap fees at $3,000 per single family residential unit, up from the current charge of $1,610 per unit. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors complained that the proposed outside-City fee contained a charge for the City’s own internal sewer collection system which outside-City customers do not use. Upon consideration of Platte Canyon’s request to remove these costs from the outside-City fee calculation, Littleton City Council reduced the fee from $3,000 to $2,828.

    Outside-City sewer connectors are assessed higher tap fees than Littleton connectors: $2,500 for Littleton connectors versus $2,828 for outside-City connectors. The Platte Canyon Board has requested that Littleton reevaluate this tap fee differential in the future and either eliminate it or reduce it to an amount based on actual costs rather than an arbitrary percentage selected by the City’s rate consultant and city staff.

    The sanitary sewer tap fee schedule which becomes effective immediately is as follows:

    Single Family Detached
    $  2,828
    $  2,500
    Multi-Family (per unit)
    $  2,828
    $  2,500
    Commercial (Based on water tap size) ¾”
    $  2,828
    $  2,500
    Commercial (Based on water tap size) 1”
    $  5,656
    $  5,000
    Commercial (Based on water tap size) 1.5”
    Commercial (Based on water tap size) 2”