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  2. A routine activity District operations personnel perform is monitoring water pressures throughout the entire water distribution system. This annual program begins early May and concludes in September. The purpose of the program is to make certain all areas of the distribution system are operating within established parameters. Collected data is compared with water pressure standards and previous years data to determine if the system is functioning as desired.

    Because of varying elevations in the district, the distribution system is divided into “pressure zones.” Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District is divided into four pressure zones. This allows adequate water pressure to all of Platte Canyon customers regardless if they reside in a low area or way up on a hilltop. This is achieved by permanently closing valves at strategic locations or with the use of pressure reducing valves.

    Data is gathered by installing pressure recorders on various fire hydrants in each pressure zone. The picture to the left shows what the device looks like attached to a fire hydrant. The “DO NOT USE” sign is for safety. Some pressures are very high and could cause injury if someone tried to use the hydrant. The Littleton and West Metro Fire Departments are aware of this program and, if needed, could use the fire hydrant in an emergency. The device collects samples 24 hours a day. Once a week, district personnel visit each site and uploads the data to a palm pilot. The picture below shows the palm pilot collecting the weekly data. The data is then downloaded at the District office to a software program which allows District operations personnel to review the information and take the necessary corrective steps should a pressure zone need attention.

    If you have any questions regarding the District’s Pressure Monitoring Program, please feel free to contact Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor at 303-979-2333.